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  1s Lipo BOOSTER  

1s Lipo is definitely where the future stands for R/C racing ... Extreme battery reliability/performance, no cell to balance, lighter cars for less tire wear, slower car speed now possible for entry level class offering, etc.

One of the main drawback of 1s Lipo though has been the need for a receiver pack since it is rated at 3.7V and that all current receivers/servos/transponders don't work efficiently at that low supply voltage.

Well, the wait is now over ... the answer is :  The 1s Lipo BOOSTER!!!

Extensive on track testing has been conducted and the results are astonishing!  There's absolute no performance loss from using the 1s Lipo BOOSTER in lieu of a receiver pack.  The 1s Lipo BOOSTER completely eliminates the need for a receiver pack for oval and on-road 1s Lipo classes ... and it only weigh a ridiculous 5 grams!

In fact, it's so simple and works so good that you'll plug it in and even forget it's in your car!!!

The TQ Cells' 1s Lipo Booster now have a quality micro on-off switch built-in!!!

Optimum 1s Lipo BOOSTER performance will be obtained by achieving the followingů

  • Wiring the TQ Cells' 1s Lipo BOOSTER to your car properly  ´click!

    There's only one way to wire the TQ Cells' 1s Lipo BOOSTER to your r/c car ... here it is :

    • Solder the BOOSTER's on-off switch wire to the positive post/tab of your Electronic Speed Controller.

    • Plug in the BOOSTER's connector into your receiver at position BAT/BIND or AUX.

  • Using the TQ Cells' 1s Lipo BOOSTER properly  ´click!

    ***Using the 1s Lipo BOOSTER with a 2s Lipo will damage the BOOSTER permanently***


    With the 1s Lipo pack unplugged, the ESC's switch in the off position and your transmitter turned off ...

    • Get your 1s Lipo pack checked at TECH for maximum allowed voltage

    • Turn on your transmitter

    • Plug in the 1s Lipo pack to the ESC

    • Turn on your 1s Lipo BOOSTER on-off switch

    • Turn on your ESC on-off switch (only if you want your ESC 1s Lipo voltage cut-off feature enabled)

    • LET'S GO 1s Lipo RACING!

    • Once the race is over...

    • Turn off your ESC switch (if it was turned on)

    • Turn off your 1s Lipo BOOSTER switch

    • Unplug the 1s Lipo pack from the ESC

    • Turn off your transmitter