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  SMC 1s Lipo 25C  

3.7V 4000mAh 25C Hard Case LiPo Pack w/Deans Connector
  • Features:  ´click!
    • Highest quality raw materials used for construction of the cells and pack.
    • Fantastic cycle life - even under the most demanding conditions.
    • True C rate and milliamp hour rating.
    • Each pack is cycled for quality control and performance verification.
    • Packs come wired with genuine Deans connectors.
    • Thin 14 gauge wire.
  • Specifications:  ´click!
    • Lenght: 92 mm, or 3.622 (in).
    • Width: 45.75 mm, or 1.801 (in).
    • Height: 20.0 mm, or 0.787 (in).
    • Weight: 120g, or 4.233 oz.

Optimum 1s Lipo pack performance will be obtained by achieving the followingů

  • Properly charge the battery pack  ´click!

    Contrary to Sub-C cells, all lipo packs are charged to a set STANDARD cut-off voltage : 4.2V per cell.  The charging method is described as CC/CV.  This means the battery begin charging with a continuous current (CC).  When the cut-off voltage is reached (4.2V per cell), the charger will keep the voltage constant (CV) and the charging current will decrease until the full state is reached.  When charging at a high rate (example: 2C), the battery will reach the cut-off more quickly, but at this point it is not fully charged.  After switching to CV, it will take longer to reach the 100% full state than if the battery was charged at a lower rate (example: 1C).  Lipo packs have the potential to harm and/or injure yourself or friends if mis-used.  Make sure you follow these basic guidelines:

    • Set your charger properly (see recommended settings below).

    • Follow the charging procedure recommended by your charger's manufacturer (how to connect the battery pack to the charger).

To maintain your battery pack performance level at its peak, youĺll avoid doing the following...

  • Overdischarging the 1s Lipo  ´click!

    All Lipo cell shall never be discharged or run below 3V (per cell).  The absolute minimum is 2.7V per cell.  If the battery is discharged below 2.7V permanent damage may occur.

    • Make sure your Electronic Speed Control cut-off is set properly:  1S or 3V.

    • If you don't have a voltage cut-off device (some ESC don't have the 1s Lipo cut-off feature):  STOP driving when your motor loses power.

    • Make sure your discharger (such as GFX) is set properly:  Cut-off set at 1cell or 3V.

    • Lipo packs are designed for operating temperatures up to 40˚C.  The pack itself must under no circumstance become hotter than 60˚C (140˚F).

    • Lithium polymere batteries do not have a hard steel case like NiMH batteries.  Instead a special aluminum foil encloses them.  Therefore they do not vent.  If the integrity of the battery is compromised swelling will occur.  If the battery is damaged and the case begins to expand, discontinue use immediately and dispose of properly.

    • Do not discharge your 1s Lipo pack after your last run of the day and store it in that state.  Make sure the 1s Lipo pack is not completely discharged before storing it until your next race day.

Recommended charge settings

You've purchased a high quality battery pack ... make sure it delivers to its full capacity!  Charge the battery pack using a high quality charger and set your charger using the following recommended settings.

  • Charge amperage:  CC/CV 2C  ´click!

    Example :  1s Lipo 4000mAh ... 2C = 2 X Lipo mAh = 8000mAh = 8A

  • Charge cut-off:  1S or 1cell

Recommended discharge settings

  • Discharge amperage:  Linear 35A

  • Discharge cutoff voltage:  1cell (3.0V)

"Race Day" recommended procedure

  • Here are step by step, the recommended charge/discharge procedures that you should follow while at the race track.

    bullet  All you need is 1 battery pack!  Isn't Lipo racing GREAT!!!
    • Just before charging the battery pack for the first run, using a discharger unit such as the CE GFX, discharge the 1s Lipo battery pack down to 3V
    • Then, charge at 8A (in Lipo 1cell mode)
    • Once the charging cycle has completed, no extra step are required before your run
    • Just before re-charging the battery pack for the second run, again using a discharger unit such as the CE GFX, discharge the 1s Lipo battery pack down to 3V
    • Then, charge at 8A (in Lipo 1cell mode)
    • Etc.